The A's

Can I just say I am such a proud mommy to the handful that is Andrew, Alexis and Ayden.

They are continuing to do so great in baseball/softball and every game blow me away with their abilities considering this is their first year it just amazes me.

Andrew is a staple in the infield, 3rd base to be exact and every game I get the comments from the parents how amazed they are at him being so good in his first year. Today he scored the winning run in a tie game and how could that not make any parent beam with pride :P

Alexis is finally settling in to her rightful place at pitcher. She fought it but I think she is coming around slowly but surely. We have had a huge struggle with pitchers this season so it's nice to feel like atleast she is trying and making advances forward and her hitting/sliding is phenomenal for a first year player as well. She is the only girl on the team that can slide and she does a beautiful job of it.

Ayden is a little afraid of the ball still but he is getting there. He does start at short stop every game and although he is struggling with hitting he is making an effort to improve. I think at his age he enjoys the friends more then anything but I know that he growing to love the sport and that will be good for him.

I am just sorry that I have not been able to give this experience to them a few years ago but this is the first year that we are stable enough to do so. So I am trying not to be too hard on myself. As we moms usually are. I am blessed and that is something I will never lose sight of :)

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