3 alarm clocks???

Seems we may need yet another alarm clock. Scott has a little travel one that he depends on if the power goes out and such. And he also uses the nightstand one just as a back-up. Why another one???

Because it seems the boy can't reset them for an hour later "which is when I get up" so that I can make sure the kids get up and off to school. I woke up in a panic today and for good reason..It was 7:22 grrrr Ayden missed the bus the older two missed out on breakfast but made the bus. Hopefully they eat breakfast at school today.

So after we deal with getting Ayden to school he tells me he set the alarm for me. I just slept through it..Uh Huh....Well I checked he did set the alarm..+5 BUT he set it for 6:30 pm -10 lol......I guess I will give him one more shot before I go and buy yet another alarm.

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