It's a lovely thing. I am by nature a very unorganized person, I will admit. The funny thing is I hate clutter so the two don't really mesh together very well. Although as long as the clutter is hidden away it's not so bad. But no matter how clean and simple you keep things. You are always searching for something or dreading opening that closet door.

So me and Scott finally decided it was time to go through EVERYTHING and organize. That has been our mission this week. And although it's been long grueling (especially the photo's that were stashed in a box) we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it is great.

It's amazing how relaxing organization can be. I mean normally I would spend hours cleaning and still know I had many things lost, out of place etc. simply because I had no where to put them but now most everything has it's place and it's fantastic.

I guess the best benefit is since we are an Army family and move every few years. It makes life so much easier knowing each house we go to will be already organized and it is just a matter of finding a new place for it all :)

Feeling inspired today can ya tell!

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