The messy stage

I knew it was coming. How could I not he's number 4 in a long line of mess makers. Oh the stories I have of the other three at this age. But I was not fully prepared to be confronted so quickly this time around. Shay is becoming quite the handful these days. If it can be dumped out, torn into a million pieces, thrown, drawn on. You can bet Shay will take care of them for me. Just yesterday he dumped out a box of Cheezit's, Climbed into the fridge and drank out of the orange juice carton. A technique he learned from his brothers of course and to make sure he didn't let me off easy for his daily messes he added this one to the mix.

As soon as he noticed I had the camera he immediately distanced himself from the evidence. "It wasn't me mom! How did that get there?"

Note to self, Never stash flour (due to lack of counter space) in a bottom cupboard that is not safety locked. lol..

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