It's over...

The deployment that kept me and my baby far far away from eachother for 373 days..IS OVER!! I still can't believe it yet, it hasn't set in. But everything is perfect and we are a happy family again. We had our late Christmas yesterday it was chaotic but sweet. I also cooked up a big ole Turkey dinner too and got huge thumbs up from Scott. Although I am sure after the food he has been eating it's not hard to get but hey I'll take it :P...He did say the sweetest thing, "Honey your the best! I bet most of the guys are eating out at the local crappy restaurants with their wives but you made me an awesome Turkey dinner and it's better then any place off post. ..Awwww he is so sweet!!!

It is funny though to watch us. I bet in the real world people would be telling us to get a room. In fact we did hear that back late October when he was home on leave.
It's so great to have that feeling of newness in a relationship but know eachother so well that all the insecurities are not there as they are in the beginning.

This past year was rough the hardest year of my life to date. But you know I did grow alot and realized how strong I am and we both have grown closer together as a result of our distance. And although I would change the missing year in our life in heart beat I wouldn't want to lose the things we have gained from it. I think the key is finding and holding on to the good things this deployment has brought and move on from the others.

Can you tell I am all emotional over here...I'll stop with the gushing..

2009 is going to be great..I can't wait to share it with you.


NurseExec said...

What a happy, happy post! I'm so glad he's home safe.

Purple Stinky Onion said...

congrats! i grew up living with my grandmother, my grandfather was a marine and to listen to her and my father and his brothers on how hard it was without their father at home alot was crazy. and to all the places they lived all around the world was incredibly exciting. you are a strong great woman and no one can ever take that from you! Now have fun and take care!
Purple Stinky Onion!

Sharon Lewis said...

I am so glad it's finally over. I hope you all enjoy yourselves and eachother to the max!!!

Gracie said...

Congratulations! A planeload of folks returned to Patrick AFB yesterday and I know how excited we all were here - can imagine how wonderful it was for you.
All the best!

CRIMSON said...



Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

I can believe that you guys have such long postings?!?! It's crazy! In Australia it's 8 months and they usually get 10 days leave back home during that time. And if you are in combat I think it is much shorter. Well done family for surviving and congrats on the save arrival. Finger crossed he gets the promotion soon xox