So yep I have yet another kitchen appliance. A BreadMaker. I used it for the first time last night and made some cinnamon rolls. They turned out pretty darn good, so today I am making some french bread :).

You should have seen it last night. First off we have a tiny little alley style kitchen with pretty much no counter space. And for whatever reason only one side of the kitchen has outlets that work, they can't figure out why the other side doesn't work. So anywho, I had my dehydrator going, Crockpot and breakmaker all smashed up on one counter. I was just waiting for one to fall off since they were practically hanging over the edge as it was.

But they survived to work another day. But it did get me daydreaming about my own house one day with a kitchen just the way I like it. :P I can dream I guess.

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