Patiently waiting

Seriously these last few days of waiting for Scott's deployment to be over is insanely hard to distract myself from. Especially when I keep getting emails about ceremony's for other guys in his unit that are in the process of getting home. This is our first deployment and I don't know what to expect or how to deal with it all emotionally but I think I am doing pretty good thus far.

I love reading about others who have gone through or are in the same situation as I am in now. It makes me feel so much more...normal...

So that's what I do when I can't distract myself these last few days..I run to other's who have blogged about this very thing..The waiting game!! Thank you for spilling your emotional guts on days like these...:)

I should be cleaning but with the kids home on Christmas break it's impossible to keep anything clean for more then a few hours..So maybe I'll get that extra umph to clean when I hear he is close...For now it's just not happening lol...

I do have plenty to keep me busy though so I won't complain..I am just so ready to move on past this time in our lives...Hurry up baby and get home!

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