The Wool Eater OH MY!!

Ok this blanket it giving me a run for my money...lol.. It seems I went on merrily like the pattern said but I being the novice that I am did not realize that I needed to adjust a few things. And they are common sense adjustments so I only blame myself..So ya I have taken out a few rows a few times which is time consuming and I would probably be halfway done by now if I didn't have to do that. But oh well...

I have finally figured it out but I refused to go all the way to the start again, which I should have but don't want to..Whaawhaaa lol...So I am making my own adjustments to get it more squared again. Of course that just makes me want to start on a whole new one but regardless it's still looking beautiful IMO and I know a non-crocheter like my sis isn't going to know the difference lol..So I will continue and post pictures of my progress as well..

I guess it gives me motivation to hurry and finish it so I can make one the exact way it should be made. :)

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