Do you Crochet?

Well if you don't.......... Learn!!! :)

It's so much fun I am having a blast teaching myself. I was on a hat kick for a little while made so many hats for little ones. It was fun and got me through the few weeks of waiting before Scott came home on leave. Now I am venturing into bigger and better things, decided to make a blanket for my sister "The Wooleater" it's beautiful, but like it's name says takes a ton of yarn to make. I just started it today so I will post a pic of my progress hopefully it doesn't take to long to finish I would like to get it to her by her birthday or maybe a belated birthday present.

I also made a "Pixie" style hat for my 1 1/2 yr old. I love it!!! But of course he is not to fond of it at all. I did get some really cute pics out of the deal so we'll call it even.

My older three or as my Husband deemed them the A's (Andrew, Alexis & Ayden) want me to make them some wrist warmers.. Or fingerless mittens however you want to say it. So I am thinking once they are back in school I will make them as a christmas present.

Speaking of Christmas I haven't even started shopping. It's so hard to shop when you don't have any free time and no Hubby to help out..:( Although I would be ok with it if the Army gets him here just before Christmas that would make my YEAR!! But I am so not going to hold my breath with our luck he will get home a day or two after. Which of course is way better then waiting til Feb. So I wont complain either way. I just want him home. Safe and Sound. So let me zip my lip and stop whining.

Back to Crochet!!! I just recently got accepted into Ravelry and I am in heaven. That is where I picked up the Pixie hat and Wooleater patterns from. I am having a blast exploring that site and slowly getting more involved. Just filled out my profile today and added the pics of my current Wooleater (wip) and the Pixie hat.

Well I want to do one more row on my Wooleater before I cook dinner so let me add a few pics and be on my way. :)

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