Here it is..growing inch by inch..Slowly but surely..Each row of color is starting to take me a few hours to do so I am determined to do one row a day atleast until it takes me just as long to do half a row. I think it is turning out pretty good. I can't wait to make one for myself. But that's a long time off :) Just can't wait to get this in the mail to my sister.
And yes I did it. I gave in to my desire to try and teach myself how to knit. Funny thing is I am a lefty crochet lefty but I knit right handed??? How does that happen...Not that I am complaining but I do find it odd. So anywho I was determined to atleast get something halfway decent to come of my failed attempts at knitting and here it is...YAY me!!!! Now I just have to make sure to tuck it away somewhere so I can finish up with the holiday crochet..But look at it..isn't it lovely :P

All this yarn work has distracted me from what I really love...Photography so tomorrow I plan on trying to have a little fun with natural light and my kids. If it isn't raining that is.....

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