Small wonders with a few tips on how to capture them.

Sharing a bit of my little people from this week and training myself to enjoy some "not so happy" events in life with the click of the camera. It's not always easy being fun and original with photos of your kids. But I think the key is training yourself to see things differently and being ready for anything. Most importantly let them be them, I would say the #1 thing about getting cute shots of my kids is to give them the control and just go with it.

So here's a little inspiration...

They may keep you on your toes throw tantrums and down right drive you crazy at times but are always exceptional at bringing smiles to your face...I keep my camera handy as often as I can. Because those little moments of pure candid joy just don't happen all the time. In shots like these it's all about personality. They may not be technically marvelous but cuteness factor is everything here.

Trying to capture a few shots of my work while not "posing" them is often a challenge. But even if you don't get the shot you want the outtakes are usually insanely amusing.
Sometimes so much fun the pets can't help but come see what all the fuss is about.
And these are usually the best ones that are great to share with families.

Sometimes you can even get some real gems out of just throwing your hands up and letting
them take the reigns completely.

Oh the messes that turn into photo ops. Takes that angry steam right
out of you when you can replace it with something like this to remember it by.
Before you run for the towel or broom etc. Especially if it's a simple mess let them experiment with it
while you sneak in and snap away.

Their constant nosey, pay attention to me not her/him attitude can even be turned into
something sweet and innocent. When they are grabbing at your heels jump up on a chair and get a shot from above. You know they will be looking up at you. :)

And so what about the wind and the rain (or any other element) ruining your day.
Bring it on I say, there is a photo op in there somewhere. Maybe a little more effort to find then most
but it's there...

And I think the best part is imagination. Theirs and yours...
Photography of any sort fosters imagination. I say if you are lacking it look to your kids they are
always full of something to share or show off.

If it isn't obvious already..The most important thing is to have fun and make sure they have fun too
The second it turns into a chore for you or them it's game over.
I'm no pro just a mom but I hope I can pass on a little inspiration
in return for all that I find in blog and flickr land :)

I also want to send a big Thank you out to all that have offered to help me on my latest pattern project. It is so fulfilling to see others make something that you created and at the same time so very stressful to worry that you are wasting their time. I just wish I could portray my gratitude in a bigger way then a Thank you...Just know it is very very appreciated.


emerson-j said...

beautiful shots...just gorgeous...

Cathie said...

what a wonderful post Amanda!
they are funny little creatures and when you do ignore them & let them do their own thing the pics are even better.
mine love to poke tongues out now..hmmm, the wonders of primary school.

happy creating lovely lady ♥

p.s did you send me your address?

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Love your photos .. wow some are just stunning.... . the windy hair one is my fav ... sooo sweet!

Sarah said...

Thank you for these tips. What I like about your photos is how you get the lighting just right and how your pictures are never cluttered. I struggle with that. Very nice!!!

mel @ loved handmade said...


Unknown said...

Your children are gorgeous great pictures im loving the chair with your little one and the cat so cute. And the wind shot. You have a good eye for a photo moment. dee x

michelle said...

are your children insanely beautiful or are you an amazing photographer? or is it both? whatever! i don't really care what the answer is, i just want you to know that your gorgeous pics never fail to make me gasp and smile and then they give me a little tugging pain in my heart (in such a good way)

Tania said...

Everything you say is bang on the mark. TRULY. And I can't tell you the hell I've had trying to find an opportune moment with kid clad in a trim brim beanie...AARGH!

74 Lime Lane said...

brilliant Amanda, so, so true! i love the "mess" photo

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post...I always have trouble capturing our little one but have found distracting him works a treat.
Thanks for your tips

Alisa said...

What a brilliant post Amanda! So very true. : )

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

great tips! I reckon just take loads, you are bound to get a few good ones and move around, lay down, get up high shoot them from all differant angles.

Casey Malone said...

Hi there!

My name is Casey Malone, I'm a comedian in Massachusetts. Your photos are super great! I found the one of your little guy with the face-paint mask while searching Flickr and that's what brought me here.

I'm doing an event with ImprovBoston, which is a non-profit community theater, called Geek Week. I'm doing a super-hero themed stand-up comedy show, and I would love to use your photo in the flyer.

I saw that you licensed the photo under Creative Commons, but specified no commercial use. We are charging for the show/festival, but as it's to recoup costs and continue to fund the theater, I was hoping you'd let me use it.

The flyer would just appear on the web, and we will not be selling anything with your child's image on it.

Sorry to leave this as a comment here, but I looked all over for your contact information, and couldn't find it!

If you'd like to read more about the theater, here's the link - http://www.improvboston.com/

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail - caseymalone@gmail.com

Thank you so much either way.

Casey Malone