Baking before the heat hits...

Took a break from my triangles for a few moments and decided to get a little creative in the kitchen before the heat starts to take away all desires to bake.  At the grocery store last week I found a stash of ripe banana's loaded in bags each for less then a dollar...Grabbed up 2 which was about 30 banana's for less then 2 bucks..Sweet!!!!

I ended up freezing most of them for use in my Green Smoothie's. The rest I mooshed to perfection for some super scrumptious banana cupcakes. I kind of threw it together hoping for the best. 2 dozen cupcakes did not last more then 2 days. Yes we have sticky fingers in this household in more ways then one.

         I've decided I need to make them again so I can share a recipe, hopefully I can remember.

My next baking venture this week is  more of a work in progress. See I am the girl who is looking over your shoulder in the Starbucks line. Trying to spy a little cookie package on the counter. Will it be there this time???  I won't pass it up if they are there. Unfortunately on my few visits they are rarely found.

What cookie?? the little Madeleine of course. They are pretty dang hard to find around here and I don't know why. Who doesn't like these things? It's certainly not me.

So after sending Scott on a wild goose chase last Christmas to find me a Madeleine baking sheet with no success. I finally caved and bought one on Amazon. I knew this was going to take some practice to get right so my first attempt went pretty good. I just need to trust that my pan is "nonstick" and skip the tiny bit of butter I used. It turned my little treats a bit brown and that's just not cool with me...

But they do taste good despite this slight flaw..

Thank goodness for my treadmill and Tae Bo...;)


Cathie said...

looking good!
we have cold so it's perfect baking weather.
i have never made madeleines, yours look great..don't see any flaws.
have a happy day Amanda

mel @ loved handmade said...

YUM! You see, this is why I don't bake very often, I would eat everything before the kids even get home!