House slippers

Nothing like the flu to slow you down and activate your creative side. Whipped these slippers up yesterday with an I hook and worsted yarn.  Basic how to notes below.

10 hdc around
2 hdc in each hdc 
Hdc, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc, repeat
4th row worked evenly.
5-11 rows: work puff stitch in between each stitch from the previous row
12th row: puff stitch, ch12 skip 10, puff stitch in next stitch and across 
13-19 rows: work puff stitch in between each stitch from previous row
20-22 with K hook work 3 rows of single crochet fasten off.

join in the midde top portion of heel hole "toe face away from you"
ch2 slip stitch to same side as you joined and work 5 dc's and than slip stitch to opposite side creating a fan 
ch2 slip stitch to side again and work 2 dc's in each space slip stitching to the other side. 
chain 2 slip stitch to side work across evenly attaching to the other side
repeat previous row
on 5th row as you work across slip stitch through top of the puff stitch row after each dc to join it together.
fasten off.


mel @ loved handmade said...

oh your poor baby girl, I hope she is better very soon. these pictures of her and those slippers are so beautiful x

Liz said...

Oh no, the dreaded flu. I love the slippers and as usual your photos are fabulous.

Sue Marrazzo said...

Ahhh...get better.
The slippers RoCk!

aryh884 aryh884 said...

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Ирина said...

I hope your girl will feel well soon! Very bright and nice socks!

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