Tis the season for Crochet

I haven't had quite this big of a hooky bug in so long I am enjoying the ride.
As you can see I am obsessing over little projects. My sketch book and brain are overloaded 
with cute little ideas and since gifting handmade isn't as cliche as it used to be
I have been determined to gift to others what I consider
part of everyday life around here.

 If you follow me on instagram you have seen these but
I wanted to share them here 
My crochet home

I will write up a little pattern for these houses today and post soon.

The ever famous nesting bowls, there are a million ways you can make them
one of my faves can be found HERE
I didn't work in spiral and I used cotton with an H hook 
but you get the point.

 Of course my favorite creation the go to gift beanie, Cherub Cheeks  and the green one? Well
I started to write a pattern for it but that thing is going to take some time
and major problem solving for different sizes so it might be a minute :)

I am sure you are all busy crafting away as well. Isn't it a wonderful and stressful time of year?
I hope it's lovely and filled with wonderful memories...
Check back soon for a few quick patterns.


Fiona @ Brave New Vintage said...

Amanda, these are all lovely. I too have picked up the hook lately and have been making stars. I am very new to crocheting still but am finding the stars extraordinarily easy and satisfying. I have just found you on instagram and see you've been making a star garland too! That star looks like the Puff Centred Star pattern that I have just learnt. I wish I did my garland in this star pattern but the one I went for was really good for beginner fingers (Jelly Ware's star). Blessings Fi xx

mohamed nabwy said...

nice article