Squash top

I hook/ 5.50mm
sport weight (shown knit picks)
2T to 5T

Notes on sizing....This hat is stretchy and form fitting. Finished beanie from this pattern fits both my 2yr old and my 5yr old. If you switched to worsted yarn moved up to a J hook and add a few rows for length this could easily fit teens and adults. To make it fit toddlers row3 should be worked as dc, dc, 2dc so you will be starting with 20 instead of 30 dc for the body and shorten by a few rows. You could also increase stitches in row3 to make it bigger if you wanted to still work with I hook and sport yarn to make it bigger. And  you could decrease further in row3 to make baby sizes.


Row1 :Ch3, 4 hdc in first chain join to starting chain. (5)
Row2: Ch2, hdc in each hdc join
Repeat row 2 for a total of 5 rows
Row 6: 2dc in each hdc (10)
Row 7: Ch3, 2dc in next dc, dc, 2dc, repeat throughout row (15)
Row 8: Ch3 dc in same space, 2dc in each dc (30)

Body change color

Row1: Attach yarn in top of dc ch3. In same dc work fpdc. In all dc's throughout this row you will work a dc in top and a fpdc around same dc. Join to starting chain.(60)
Row2: Chain 3 work fpdc in first fpdc, dc in each normal dc (there are no increases in this row)
you will work evenly to corresponding fpdc's and dc's.
Row3-10: Repeat row 2 fasten off. (for 4T/5T add at least 1 extra row)

Trim change color

Row1 join new yarn in top of dc, ch1 and sc around join.
Row2 ch1, sc around, join. Fasten off.


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So cute!

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Hi Amanda! I sent you a message on ravelry a few months ago and then one a few days ago . . . would you mind reading it and writing back? Thank you so much!

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