Vintage baby blanket

I love this little blanket!
It's just one of those things you see on Pinterest and pray the link takes you to the pattern.
Initially it didn't but a few weeks ago I finally found a pin that did.
I hopped at the chance to make this and I will be making more.

The pattern as it is written turns out a very small carseat size blanket.
It's absolutely perfect for baby gifts.
And even more importantly it's insanely easy to work up.
The hardest part is the first row.

Go check out the projects page on Ravelry, it's pretty amazing :)

Those sweet sweet slippers you see were made by


Monica said...

That is a lovely blanket! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I am trying to learn crochet so I can work on a blanket. All I can do so far is a small granny square :-(

mel @ loved handmade said...

Wow, that's beautiful, I love the pattern & the colours! Is that your baby there growing up so quick! xx

picinichml said...

I've been looking for this pattern. I see in the other comments that you shared it but I cannot seem to see where. Can you help me out? Thanks!!

Hamrsark said...

It only takes me to where you can BUY it on Ravelry!!! HELP!!!!!