Striped T-shirt dress

A simple little T-shirt dress pattern. Sizing is written for my 2 1/2 yr old.
Color Rows are grouped in 7's so you could easily lengthen or shorten by increasing or decreasing that number to keep the stripes equal.
Also if you want it bigger/smaller width wise add/subtract from initial starting chain.
However you will need to take that into account when starting the sleeves.

Also I recommend a seamless join like that of Sarah London
It's a little extra work but mostly eliminates the back seam that can get distracting.

I think that's all...Enjoy the pattern and please link back or share your finished garment
on Ravelry. I would love to see the results...

Finished measurements should be roughly
18'L/ 23'C

I/5.50mm hook
Worsted Weight
7 hdc/5 rows=2 inches
US Terms

Ch 80 join to work in the round.

join and ch2 to end and start a new round
ch2 counts as stitch (important to remember when working sleeves) 

Row 1-7:      hdc 7 rows black
Row 8-14:    hdc 7 rows white
Row 15-21:  hdc 7 rows black
Row 22-28:  hdc 7 rows white

Row 29-33:  hdc 5 rows of black fasten off

Row 34: Rejoining black, 20 hdc's from fasten off, first ch6, then hdc 40 across, ch8. turn
Row 35: Hdc in third chain, hdc in remaining chains and across, hdc in last 6 chains fasten off (52)

Join white.
Row 36: Ch2, hdc across for a total of 11 hdc's, 3hdc in 12th hdc, 28 hdc across, 3hdc  should be 12 hdc's in from opposite end, hdc to end. turn (56)
Row 37: Ch2, 12 hdc across, 2hdc, should be center of the 3hdc, 30 hdc, 2 hdc in the center of the 3hdc , 12 hdc. turn (58)
Row 38-42: Ch2 work 5 even rows of hdc. fasten off

Join black.
Row 43: Hdc across 13, in 14th hdc 2hdc, 30 hdc across, 2hdc on the 14th hdc from the opposite end. turn (60)

Row 44-45: Hdc across evenly for 2 rows

Repeat from Row 34 for opposite side. Joining after the initial chain 6 to the hdc directly next to the previous side worked.

sew up under arms and top shoulder seams leaving a 20hdc space open for neck.

HDC around neckline and arms. SC along bottom. Weave in ends.


The Barefoot Sundress

For me it's always simplicity. 
This little dress is super easy and basic, dare I say beginner level..
Either way I finally have it up on Ravelry if you are interested in giving it a go..

Or you can:


4 Seasons Play Dress

Sarah Lora has added another adorable dress pattern to her collection.
A simple design with major impact. Loving the stitch pattern and shaping.

I am so tickled to be able to capture the cuteness for her...
You can find the pattern here:


Vintage baby blanket

I love this little blanket!
It's just one of those things you see on Pinterest and pray the link takes you to the pattern.
Initially it didn't but a few weeks ago I finally found a pin that did.
I hopped at the chance to make this and I will be making more.

The pattern as it is written turns out a very small carseat size blanket.
It's absolutely perfect for baby gifts.
And even more importantly it's insanely easy to work up.
The hardest part is the first row.

Go check out the projects page on Ravelry, it's pretty amazing :)

Those sweet sweet slippers you see were made by