Hold that pot

Shades of yellow are getting a lot of attention from me these days. Weird how a color or style just sticks with you like that. 

My latest color pop to add to my kitchen are these little potholders. I just made oversized squares and then turned them in on themselves and stitched them up. You can get a better idea in the 3rd picture.

Most double sided potholders are two layers, yeah that's too much work for me so doing these 
made it more of a sure thing that I would finish. 

I did find a similar pattern for the regular square potholder on Ravelry.
You can find HERE

Still trying to locate one for the Granny Square.
But if you can do one, you can do the other so not much of a problem there. 

Can't decide if I like the front or the back more.......


Casey said...

I like these kind of potholders! Love the yellow you've used

Stacie said...

Love these potholders! They'd make great gifts, and I love the bright color you chose.