Play with me vest....

Feeling the need to make something so I thought I would share it here...

This is a really quick write up so if you find any errors please let me know and as always if you 
have any questions please let me know..I will try to help out....

US terms

10ply double stranded  Or Bulky
I used lion brand tweed stripes double stranded

 J hook 
This is about a 2T size but I will probably go up to a K hook next time just to make it a bit baggier.

The pattern is 2 dc ch1 so when I refer to" the pattern" or "double dc" that is what I am talking about.

Ch2 = dc

67 ch
Dc in 4th ch from hook, *ch1 skip ch, 1dc in next 2 chains, repeat from * to end.
Ch2 turn work in same pattern starting with 1dc, ch1, dc in next 2 dc's etc. to end.
 Repeat this for a total of 10 rows

Row 11-16 "front chest"
Ch2 turn work pattern til you have five sets of 2 dc's (10 dc's, 4 ch 1's)
Ch2 turn, work for 5 more rows (total 6 rows) fasten off.

Row 11-16 "back"
 Rejoin yarn, skipping a ch1, dc,dc, ch1  (on row 10 just after the front chest piece) which will be the arm hole, start another row on row 10 for the back.
Work pattern for a total of 10 double dc's (20 dc's 10 ch's)
Ch2 turn, work this for another five rows (total 6 rows) fasten off.

Repeat Row 11-16 "front chest" ...to make up the other front piece making sure to skip the ch1 dc,dc, ch1 for the arm hole.

Sew shoulder seams together lining stitches up.

I used a worsted yarn to do the trim with the same hook size but next time I will probably go up a size.
You can use the bulky or a single strand of 10ply too...

Sc from bottom left corner all the way around to bottom right corner for 3 rows adding a space for button

 if desired...I added mine after with 2 sc ch4 skip a sc, 2 sc, then worked sc's evenly back across.

Add 3 sc rows on both arm holes fasten off...

Weave in ends, add button :)


Lief en Mooi said...

Thanks for sharing. Like it!


Lisa Graham Art said...

Adorable vest and extra adorable model!