Happy Halloween

Oh Halloween how we love thee...
OK I should clarify, I do love to steal a few sweets from the kids  grab bags but the reality of the situation is quite a nightmare.
Especially when you have several kids collecting the goods.
I feel like a bad mom hoarding the candy in my closet but the other option would be to let them eat it all as fast as they can while driving me completely batty in the meantime until it the sugar high wore off.
So I will have to listen to the whining and deal with the constant asking until only the unwanted candy is left. All in the name of my sanity....I think....

Here on post they did "trick or treat" on Friday. The kids had a blast of course and have been living on a slight sugar high for the past few days. Sophie dressed up for her first costume. She didn't participate this year but sat quietly in her stroller watching all the crazy costumes run by.

Shay was the cutest Hobo ever, and totally got the concept of Halloween this year which was so fun to experience.

The A's are getting to the age where they want to roam free for the night and I haven't quite gotten there yet so Alexis and Ayden dressed up and Andrew just followed us around on his bike pouting a bit. I told him next year if he can prove trustworthy. We are having the typical teenage issues around here with him and  I am keeping my fingers crossed that being tough now will give me a bit of a break in the near future.
Here's hoping..

 And as if they didn't get enough teeth shattering sugar, my dad showed up this weekend with a big box of random candy from gumballs to sour gummy worms that apparently came off one of his truck deliveries.
Seriously I could throw a party from just that batch and still have leftovers.
My teeth hurt just thinking about it.

All in all in was a good day and the kids "for the most part" had a great time.
And wouldn't you know last night I saw my first Christmas commercial.
It just about made me cry, I am just not ready for that yet...
Seriously people slow it down with the holiday mumble jumble.
I can't handle it...


delia hornbook said...

aww great pictures your little ones look fab ;-) Christmas i know i can't get my head around buying presents etc until i have got past my eldest sons birthday which is towards the end of next month. Then i think Hmmmmm right better get to it but then its Dec and i think thats ok i can cope with that. ;-)) Dee x

Kate said...

They are such great pics Amanda!
Our biggest one went trick or treating yesterday and came home with a bucket load of lollies. the littles went to sleep crying because she only gave them the rotten ones and there were tears again this morning. Honestly, I'm not a fan of Halloween.

Little Ted Canvas said...

Such great pictures! Oh boy, all that sugar, I'm the biggest sweet tooth, so I'm always at the kids lolly bags as soon as they get them in the door!

Miss Muggins said...

Great photos. Halloween is not that popular is Aus, but I see it as a chance for a little fun and memory making. Go the candy!

Nicole said...

fabulous pics! we had a lil' bee too!