Let's get ready to Decorate!

Yes I am totally hearing that boxing announcer in my head right now..lol

I Recieved a new Etsy find in the mail today, Kate Durkin has some sweet items in her shop that I loved so I had to pick one up for Shay's room.

I have been looking for something with a nice color scheme to be the inspiration for his room and I think this might just be the print..I love that the colors aren't super vibrant but still rich. I am excited to move forward with this and challenge myself to be "decorator" creative. Not something I am too good at but doesn't hurt to have a go at it right?

 I will probably pick up a pillow or two soon as well.  Super Cute!

Oh interesting nonsensical fact that I learned last night.....Did you know Howie Mandel is the voice of Gizmo (remember gizmo?) awwww. Totally had  no clue...

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