What's in my phone?

A few of my random phone pics from the past week.....

Shay pulling the stroller on our walk, he was having trouble pushing it so the next best option was to pull it. Thank goodness Sophie was asleep or she might have had issue with the bumpy ride her brother took her on.

The best comfort food ever....Del Taco's chicken soft tacos...If there is one major thing that I miss when I am not living in California "other then family" it's my Del Taco.....I can't even begin to tell you how many of these I have had, nor do I want to know haha...

A beautiful view driving down Ft. Irwin road. I really do enjoy this drive, outside of the time it takes up of my day of course. It just seems there is always something new to look at. And one of these days I will not mind looking like a dork standing next to my car taking pictures with something other then the cell phone.

Alexis and Shay being cute........Yes he is almost 3 and yep that's a pacifier. I can practically hear  the "bad mommy" thoughts as I walk by some people when he has that darn thing in his mouth. But if they knew the drama our life is going through right now, hopefully they would understand why we haven't tried to take it away yet. If not, OH WELL...When the time is right we will get to it :)

I think this might have to become a regular in my posts each week. I enjoy the randomness of it and not feeling like every picture has to be perfection...So expect more where these came from :)

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Ooty said...

ohhhhh my! Taco!!! we don't have much of those here at Israel and since I used to live in TX for few years I miss it so much IT IS THE BEST COMFORT FOOD =D!!
And I realy do like the random pics and posts, I don't think all of our daily exp. should be seen through photoshop eyes =)

(OH OH ONE LAST THING - "Shay" in hebrew is a beautiful name for both male and female since it means sentimental / sensitive personal gift/ present)