I should be packing up this overstuffed hotel room and getting ready to ditch this joint.
But when Shay asked to hold his sissy, I couldn't pass up the oppurtunity to catch a few pictures.
Only problem is the stinker only wanted to do so for a few short seconds and quickly grew impatient. Which as you can see in this case meant gold..

Looking back I have absolutely no idea how at 21, I raised three kids so close in age. And without the periodic help of older kids hanging around fetching diapers and such. I miss them this week while they visit Grandma but it's nice to get a refreshed view of them after spending so much time couped up in this hotel room.

Meanwhile the little ones are keeping me super busy and reminding me that having those extra hands are a treasure.. :)

Oh and on another note...OMG me and the littles went out to lunch today, since we have the new car and all I refuse to eat in it lol so we went inside. Some grubby man walked up to my sleeping daughter in her car seat. Said she was cute and proceeded to grab her chin and jiggle her..WTF??????? Being alone I didn't want to be too rude and recieve a backlash ( this city can be pretty scary) but I immediately turned her carseat away from him and told him not to wake her. I was in shock, where do you get off touching her let alone trying to wake her up. I just wish hubby was with me so I could have gave him a piece of my mind.
Have you ever had things like that happen? This is a first for me...What did you do??


m.e (Cathie) said...

Amanda, that is such an adorable pic!! great moment you captured.

you are amazing, really amazing to have coped so well at such a young age.

hugs to you

clare's craftroom said...

Love that photo ! That is a bit creepy about the man , shudder .

Little Ted Canvas said...

YES! That happened to me with my first baby, once in the park a man let his dog jump up on my pristine clean new born baby's pram to lick his sleeping face & said 'Don't worry he won't hurt' !!!!!People can just be plain STUPID! On a happier note I've given you a Sunshine Bloggers Award...just because I always love reading your blog, getting a giggle & being able to relate to your daily family stories, love them so thanks for sharing, pop in & take a look x Adorable photo by the way...

messyfish said...

gorgeous pics! Yes itr happened to me. Lots of "loons" all approched little messyfish, and tried to touch his head all the time. I learnt to move him quickly and stare threatingly at them! I also learnt to see them coming from a mile off!!