I just really need to vent........

So we were scheduled to move into a house this coming Monday, YAY right??? Well that's what I thought, but I got a call today. They basically told me that it won't be ready for another week. And that they aren't even sure if it will be ready by then. SERIOUSLY???

The reason, they are trying to tell me there are maintenance issues on the house. Which is fine but I have driven by the house twice a day this week and not one maintenance guy is in sight. I am just so irritated I could rip a phonebook in half.

The best part is Scott is scheduled to leave for a required school for 20 days on the day she estimated our new move in time. And the kids are on spring break that week too.  So basically it will be me with a truck full to unload and 5 kids to tend to.

To top it off the lady was completely unapologetic about the whole situation. Sit there on your high horse lady and get upset that my husband didn't call you back when you left a message on his phone. I'm sorry but he does have a job and he can't just pick up his phone to answer some random number. UGH...

It's just so incredibly hard to give up the date you had in your head to finally have a home and to be told they have no clue exactly when they will have one for you.

Excuse me while I scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


74 Lime Lane said...

oh no, that completely sucks! We are having server issues with an ISP and basically I feel like doing a lot of screaming too. So we can scream together, across the seas, and hopefully the world will sit up and listen!
(trying to fix my problem, i ring tech support, they and i both know department x is in charge of the issue. Except, tech support don't have a number for x, only email. Like they are the fbi or something! So i have to wait for them to call me. Meanwhile, no website ... sick of people on high horses too! Sorry, taken over with my little vent now) Finger crossed for you.

m.e (Cathie) said...

ohh Amanda!! scream, get it out, I hope you get sorted soon!

hugs to you lovely

Cole said...

Oh my goodness, how awful!!! Scream lady scream! It helps sometimes haha...I hope it all works out for you lady, I'll pray for you! Just remember to breathe