I splurged!!!

 I don't know, maybe it was a bit of post traumatic stress from Friday's adventure. But I totally splurged on a few new rugs for the house.  It's one of those purchase's where you are super excited and upset with yourself for giving in at the same time. But I know once they get here I will be glad to have them...

This one will go perfectly with our new couch that is sitting still untouched in the storage truck. I am thinking I'll add either orange/yellow  or teal color splashes to the room, the couch is a cream color.

Paisley Brown

 And I am thinking this one for the big boys room..Which I think would go great with the bedding I have been eyeing but haven't convinced myself to get yet..Atleast not til I do a thorough search and see if I can get a similar version cheaper :P

Brown/Green Wool Rug

Can you tell I am anxious?

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