Hello, from San Diego

After spending a few days in Huntington Beach with my sister we headed down south to spend the week with my mom. I really wish I had more energy because I would take advantage of all this free time but of course being a new mommy, extra energy just can't be found. So I will have to be  happy with the few outings we squeezed in. I have things planned for our next visit to make up for this lazy one so I don't feel too bad.

We are heading back to my sisters tomorrow and hanging there until Scott has to report to the base next week. As soon as he does that we will be able to get on the housing list. And we are keeping our fingers crossed our wait is no longer then a few days or a week at max..I am getting really anxious to get into a house and get settled. My kiddos are having a blast but the little ones really need some kind of routine and of course the older 3 need to get their butts back in school.. And I want my internet back dangit...

But really we are all enjoying every second of this free time...despite the family life uphevel...It will be over to soon I know so I am taking it all in :)


Little Ted Canvas said...

Great picture! Looks like a nice place to be having some down time. Good luck with the house, I hope it comes through nice and quickly for you!

Meagan @ecoMILF said...

You are so good and so brave for living in limbo with the little ones for so long- and a new baby! My goodness! Hope you can settle into a home soon, but in the meantime enjoy your time with family. xo m.