Birth Story

Little Miss Sophie is 4 weeks old today....Her birth story!

4 weeks ago I was overdue, uncomfortable and honestly a bit upset with my body for not doing what it was suppose to do. Given my history I figured another induction was on the way and never figured the night of Jan 17th would be such a whirlwind delivery.

I had been having several contractions for weeks and weeks. Atleast twice a day I would ask myself the big question (Is this it?) I had been sitting at 4cm dilated for a few weeks and of course with each dr.'s appt. I got the shocked looked and "can't believe your still here" comment. Which only made things worse. So I finally settled on the fact that Tuesday the 19th would be the day, the day they scheduled me for an induction.

But Sunday night at 9:00pm I sat down with my mom on the couch to watch a bit of TV...After about 15 minutes or so I decided to go lay down in bed with the hubby and try to relax and not think about my discomfort. Sure enough as soon as I laid down I felt the first "real" contraction. I know because I am one of the lucky few who has back labor....Not fun at all......But sure enough 4 minutes later there was another. After those two they quickly became 2 minutes apart and stronger.

With a full house  things became crazy and confusing very quickly. My mom wanted to come, of course which meant everyone else had to come as well. It was just that sort of panic chaos you see on TV...Thank goodness the hospital was only 2 miles away. We got there a little after 10pm they wheeled me upstairs to Labor and Delivery. And of course by the way that I was acting knew to get me into a room quickly. My contractions were by this time 1 minute apart and I was quickly losing my ability to stay sane with all the pain. Scott was calm and collected which was exactly what I needed. But my mom on the other hand was driving me insane. She was the one I was curseing and telling to shut up, lol...

I had never had an unmedicated  birth mainly because of the back labor and having to have inductions I always gave in and got an epidural. But I didn't have a choice this time. She was coming and fast...My first check I was at 6cm and since she was so low the heart rate monitors weren't picking up her heartbeat so after 10 minutes the Dr. came in and broke my water to put a monitor on her head. By this time I was 7-8 cm's and starting to panic from the pain. The contractions were pretty much non-stop and of course the magic words came out of my mouth...

"I can't do this"  The Dr. decided to push my little lip of cervix out of the way and told me to push. I honestly didn't think I could do it with the amount of pain I was feeling. The funny thing is I told Scott a few weeks back when we discussed a possible natural birth that I was not a screamer. HAHA....Although I don't remember apparently I am...The nurse later told me she knew to run to my room due to the blood curdling screams coming from it...OMG I was that girl....Back labor is not for the weak that's all I have to say :P

Once the pushing started I knew I was almost done. I am quite the pusher if I can brag a little...With the first push I was a bit dissapointed because I didn't feel the "pressure" but with the second push not only did I feel it but her head came out. And of course with the 3rd she was out at 11:06pm a little less then an hour after getting to the hospital and about 2 hours of labor all together, the nurses were loving me lol...Not only did they say so but we are still using the diapers they stashed away for us. Scott had to make 2 extra trips to the car to stash them away. In fact we still have several left, so so nice of them. Despite the pain it was such a good experience. So glad I wasn't given the chance to wimp out and get an epidural, took me 5 times but I finally had the natural birth I always wanted. I need my little badge now or something haha...

Sophie Anne-Marie

Jan 17th
9lbs 8oz
15 inch head
14 1/2  inch chest
22 inches long


Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Oh I think you need a really really big badge!! Congratulations!! What a story! I can only imagine the madness on the way to the hospital lol!
Hopefully you guys will have a house soon. Thinking of you xox

stacey said...

Amanda - you're amazing! Thats crazy fast.

She's just precious and no badge could ever match having her in your arms. Congratulations again!

Little Ted Canvas said...

You are amazing, thankyou for sharing your birth story! It made me laugh (sorry) but it is very like my last birth story where I was sent home & told I look way too good to give birth, within 30 minutes of being sent home, I had returned & baby was born within 8 minutes of walking back in the door! You precious girl is gorgeous - well done!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

I love hearing birth stories!! Thanks for sharing yours with blog land!!

xo Steph

Megan.K. said...

Oh Amanda, what a great, great, birth story!!! Go you! You did it - just the way you wanted! And, my god, brag away sister - we all deserve that after what we go through to birth our babes(even quick births)

So happy for you.
I'm going off now to go look at all the posts of your sweet baby I've missed over the last couple of weeks.

Kirsten said...

Congratulations Amanda - isn't it an amazing feeling (my first was a 2 hour natural birth and I was soooo high, then 3 caesars due to a dodgy placenta and then too much scarring to birth naturally again...not so good). Sophie's gorgeous! I was wondering where you were a couple of months back. Glad to see it all went well, that you're settled in finally and that you're back on Creative Spaces.