Flower Power head band tutorial

Abbreviations/ US terms
Ch. -Chain
Sl St - Slip Stitch

SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
TC - Triple Crochet

Lion brand yarn with... I /5.5mm hook used.

Ch 31

Sc in 2nd ch from hook
Ch 2 skip 1 ch sc in next ch. til end, sc in last ch. , ch1 turn  (each ch space will be one petal)

 Petals 1-3: 4 hdc sl st ch1 in ch 2 space.. x3

 Petals  4-6: 2dc 1sc 2dc sl st ch 1.. x3

 Petals 7-9: 1tc 1dc 1hdc 1tc 1dc ch1 sl st ch1.. x3

 Petals  10-15: 6 tc ch1 sl st ch1.. x5

1 sc in last sc...

Fasten off leave long tail for securing petals together...

twist petals together tightly and line up last petal next to the 10th petal  (first tc petal)

secure all petals in place by weaving beginning and end tails through entire flower..

I work through the center and weave back and forth catching all petals in
each row through ch 2 spaces. once all are secured fasten off.

Create a braided head band as thick or thin as you like about 24 inches long...
Weave through back of flower double knot at desired length to fit head and
pull knot behind flower so remaining braid hangs next to flower and VOILA!!!

If you find anything weird, or have any questions  feel free to ask...And make sure to let me know if you make one...:)


Cole said...

I love the flower! I think I need more experience before I try something like that, but thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Gorgeous! I am disappointed to see this post though as I was sure when you didn't post yesterday that you might have been meeting your newest family member. Hope the waiting is ok. XX

Pearlin J said...

the flower is sooo pretty! tfs

Meagan @ecoMILF said...

gorgeous. was definitely here to check on the bub... can't wait to hear the news. xo m.

Anonymous said...

This is only my second crochet project so I'm a Lil confused is the x3 that last step or the whole line and in petals 1-3 ch1 in ch2 space I don't understand can you please help and thanks so much