The Good Report

1. Shay is talking up a storm these days, he is growing up so fast! I just have to watch what I say now...Can we say mocking bird :P

2. Scott has been getting off of work early this week, lot's of park time with the little one before the big ones get home from school :)

3. Scored tons of free boxes for our move from a recent moved in neighbor WOOT!!!
You should have seen me out there trying to stash boxes in the back of my car with a big ole belly :P

4. Only 2 months til we move, my friends and family are so excited as am I of course.

5. Got a great deal on Christmas list items (DC Shoes) for the A's through Shoesteal.com ...YAH BABY...

6. Slept in til 11am with Shay yesterday..It felt sooooo good!!!!

7. Got lot's of cream cheese on sale..Time to make CHEESECAKE!!!!

8. The older kids have taken a liking to giving Shay his bath at night...Makes it so much easier on me these days...

Life is good.................

1 comment:

Vic said...

Hurray for "Good Reports"!

Can I just say, I was curious about how old Shay was as you say he is really, really starting to talk now & I managed to scroll back & find where you were so proud of his first sentence a couple of months after his second birthday & I have to say THANK YOU for blogging about that...!

Punky isn't 2 yet (January) and doesn't say much at all - Mum, Dad, Go... not much else really - lots of babble, and although I try to think "in her own time" it doesn't help when everyone around (inc her Dad!) say things like "When is she going to talk?!" or "She should be talking!".

You've reaffirmed that "in her own time" thing for me & made me realise that it's perfectly normal to have toddlers who are the strong silent type... until they aren't!! No swearing now Madam!! ;)