An easy going kind of day

It's a bit rainy and dreary outside but I don't mind.....

Other then the inability to get comfortable no matter which way I contort myself sitting/laying/standing these days. It has been a pretty easy going start of the week around here.

Scott is catching up on sleep after working a 24hr guard duty shift. Which of course led to me and Shay crawling into bed and sneaking in a little nap of our own.

I've done a tiny bit of cleaning, a little bit of sewing, and a lot of trying to keep my feet up so they stop swelling like sausages. Oh and can't forget eating..I finished up the last of the T-day leftovers. We did end up giving a bunch away to the single guys Scott works with so there wasn't much left. But I enjoyed them while they lasted.

My tiny bit of sewing of course is another hat. Isn't it funny how you can get stuck on making something even if you have no one really to make them for? I suppose I could sell them. Atleast that would get Scott off my back for making more things that we don't need :P My daughter did request one of these in her size. So looks like I need to mess around with seam allowances and see if I can do that for her.

Here it is the last of the leftovers turned into my lovely lunch sammy. MMMM yum it was good. I need to cook another turkey I think :P

And my version of Christmas shopping this year Amazon and all things online. It's always exciting getting things in the mail and the best part is they are already closed and able to be hid amongst all the moving boxes so the kids can't sneak a peak. I just have to be careful to not forget which ones are which when it comes time to open them. I am sure they wouldnt want a big box of mom's clothes for Christmas haha...

I guess I should get back to packing and my Christmas to-do list. Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

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