I have been lost in pattern making world the past few days. I should be done, hubby says I am over thinking it "which I probably am" but on top of that. I was halfway done and a bad girl.....Didn't save it!!!!! As I sat staring at it on my laptop screen it just vanished! Why??? apparently my laptop is set for automatic updates and of course restarts after it is done updating...NOOOOOOOOOOO..

So yeah that's why it has been quiet the past few days around here.....Not to mention yesterday the power went out for about 5 hours, gotta love that. I do think I am close to finishing up the rough draft though..Then I will have to figure out pdf.....Hope it's as easy at it seems. I have so much to do I really shouldn't be stuck on one thing for so long. But that's how it goes I guess, hope it pays off!

And can't forget the cutest messy monster ever...He is very good at distracting me from my craftiness..Just look at that face!!! :P


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june at noon said...

Ah, hate that! I neglected to run backups of my files for about two months and my hard drive crashed. I don't care about most of the stuff, but I lost two months of photos of my babies! *sob* Good luck pattern-making!

dillpickle said...

What a horrid feeling it is when something you've been working on vanishes!

created by Kylie said...

We have a program called “cute pdf”. It was a free download and is really easy to use. Just like printing a document. Good Luck.