Time for me...

Well after a somewhat stressful, running around, taking care of everyone but me. Kind of week up until this point. I figure I deserve a break.... Right??

So when I wake up to find a "Tornado Watch" flashing across my TV screen. And a not so lovely day outside.

It was proof that I was meant to snuggle in eat brownies and crochet the day away. While convincing Shay he really wanted to play in his room... Ok so maybe that part of the plan had a few kinks in it but..I'd say so far so good....

I started and finished a little hat for the baby. After all it has been quite a few days since I crocheted one. I was beginning to have with drawls. And from the looks of it Shay approves.

It's just a simple HDC hat with a small ribbed edge that I have never done before but figured it would be a nice touch...I especially like that it flares out just a bit so it won't hug her forehead too tight...

The quick version..I obviously switched color each round and fastened off each time as well. I find it easier to keep the seam cleaner this way..:) haven't measured it yet but I am sure this will fit about a 3-6 month old..And of course as usual you can go up hook sizes to increase size...

HDC, Crochet hat pattern.

US Terms



Row 1 Ch. 3
11 hdc in first chain join

Row 2 ch. 2 hdc in same stitch
2 hdc in each hdc join

Row 3 ch. 2
2 hdc, 1 hdc repeat til end. Join

Row 4 ch. 2
1 hdc in next 1 hdc then 2hdc repeat til end. Join

Row 5 ch. 2
1 hdc in next 5 hdc's then 2 hdc repeat til end. Join

Row 6/13 ch. 2
1 hdc in each hdc til you have 13 rows...

This part is a bit tricky to explain so I apologize if I confuse you but once you get it going it's pretty simple..You are basically working in the chains/sc's and slip stitching to the hdc to connect.

Ribbed edge.

Row 14 Ch.5 working in the chain not the next hdc..
SC in each chain (4 sc's) then slip stitch into next hdc.
turn working back up SC in back loop of each SC. Turn
Ch.1 SC in each SC "both loops*

Repeat for rib pattern til end slip stitch into first chain row..


beck said...

Dear little hat! And sweet little Shay. Hope you get some rest today xo (hey,did I just write a poem?!)

Kate said...

Gorgeous! I wish I knew how to crochet when I was prgnant with mine.