Treasure from Grandma

My mom recently sent Shay a "rainbow maker" as we call it. You know as an adult you think, that's cool, cute idea etc. But you never quite realize how much those simple things lead little ones into oooh and awwww's when they discover them. I guess that's why things like rainbow makers tend to be gifts from grandma's.

Well it's a hit with Shay and in a different sort of way a hit with me. It reminds me of my own Grandmother's chandelier when I was younger. She is no longer with us so it's nice to be reminded of her. :)

I see this being a hit for quite some time!

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As They Grow Up said...

He will really enjoy that. We have had crystals hanging in Davis' window and at the front door since he has been little and has always loved them. The girls always had crystals as well. Oh and they have all been from Ryan's mom.