I was a bad preggo mommy...

My mom (who as I have mentioned works at Starbucks) sent a box of the new Instant Coffee....She said she sent it for Scott but I had to try it, right????

Dare I say it was pretty darn good!!! I was surprised, considering my idea of instant coffee is the nasty stuff your grandparents hand you when you are visiting for a few days..Blah..

Let me say, I do drink Caffeine from time to time it's not on the NO-WAY list just on the LIMIT list...But the instant coffee will have to be on the backburner because My addiction to Pumpkin Spice Lattes are a lot stronger..I have to save my caffeine intake for that scrumptious coffee drink since it's seasonal!!!

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Dani said...

Starbucks do instant OMG living in rural Australia has me missing all the good stuff!
Caffine was never on my No Way Never list either, especially with the last you need something to keep you sane!