The Good Report...

1. It's been a beautiful weekend...Temps in the low 70's, loving it.

2. Although it's not a good situation. I finally convinced Scott to go to the ER for his staph infection instead of letting the Army sick call deal with it...They don't really seem to have an urgency in dealing with issues like this so hopefully the hospital will do something more then prescribe a hardly used medication.

3. Shay's vocabulary is bursting at the seams. It's so fun to watch him experiment with new words.

4. Getting inspired by the new show...The world's strictest parents..I have a tendency to let anger get the best of me when dealing with my older kiddos which leads to yelling. When I know it's not necessary and they don't have a choice they have to listen regardless..So watch out kiddos :P

5.Just about 9 rows away from finishing my first beanie on circulars. Which also happens to be the first item on my To-Do Christmas list. whoohoo

6. 29 weeks tomorrow..Yeah baby..moving right along...

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