A few Fort's other then Fort Polk..

We headed about an hour north of Ft. Polk this weekend to spend some time in Natchitoches Louisiana...Scott was searching around for things to do here and found a few Old Forts.."Fort Jesup & Fort Jean Baptiste" so we packed up the gang and went to see what they had to offer...

After the territorial boundary was finally fixed at the Sabine River by the Florida Purchase Treaty of 1819, the United States built Fort Jesup in 1822. Lieutenant Colonel Zachary Taylor established and commanded the garrison, which was originally called Cantonment Jesup in honor of Taylor's good friend Brigadier General Thomas Sidney Jesup. Taylor's troops managed to establish law and order in the Neutral Ground and Fort Jesup remained an important military post for nearly 25 years. Via

This is the only original building left..It was used as a kitchen, I always find it fascinating to go to these types of old buildings...

And my favorite part was finding this hand stitched quilt...Look at the amazing and tedious work done on this thing..Even Scott was impressed lol..

Then Fort Jean Baptiste....

In 1716, Sieur Charles Claude Dutisné was sent to Natchitoches with a small company of colonial troops to build and garrison an outpost that would prevent the Spanish forces in the province of Texas from advancing across the border of French Louisiane. This strategic outpost was named Fort St. Jean Baptiste des Natchitoches Via

There is your history lesson for the day :P....It was nice to get out of the house for a change...We also went to The Alligator Park, will post pics of that soon.

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