Yay for Shay, and Mommy too!

The A's are home!!! Of course they are all hyped up and jumping around goingc razy but honestly with Scott being gone it makes me feel normal again.

And Shay well he is in heaven already running around hitting his brothers over the head with one of the toys they brought home...Go figure...

Andrew is excited Dad is in the field so he can catch up on the game he is playing, hoping to get up to where dad is in the game.

I am just so glad they are home safe and sound and I can sleep easier at night. Now time to start preparing for school on friday. I can't believe I have a 7th grader on my hands. I remember those days, I thought I knew it all. I am sooo in trouble lol..

My break from cleaning and going easy with dinners is over and I couldn't be happier.

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