True Blood

It's Sunday!!!!! That means True Blood day, do you watch or read the books? We do have the entire series to date but I have only read the first two books. I save them for the grueling wait in between seasons. But Scott has read them all and he is constantly throwing little facts at me. Then I politely remind him that the TV series while very much like the books is more expanded in terms of story lines and anything can happen. Which is what I love about the series. And to top it all off True Blood is geared towards adults as opposed to Twilight. Gotta love that for us old people :P...

I have noticed that this season has been a huge smash compared to last year when it was a budding new show. So excited to hear more and more people are starting to watch. Need to ensure this thing comes back for several more seasons. So keep watching. Is it 8pm yet??????

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