A Nutella Virgin ???

No Longer!!!!! Wow what took me so long to try this stuff.Maybe because the packaging looks mundane compared to the oh so yummy goodness inside..

Of course within minutes of tasting this sweet concoction I immediately texted my sister in C.A who loves hazelnut and she was had a jar purchased within the hour. When you find a good thing you have to spread the word. Even if I feel like I am the last person to discover this stuff....

So as we all do these days with new questions on the brain I went to google to find me some recipes. Not that it needs any, right out of the jar will probably be my go to sweet tooth fix but some Nutella brownies sound mighty yummy right about now.

I did find that they have an actual World Nutella day???? Seriously where have I been. And to top it off a long list of ways to eat this goodness...

5o Ways to Eat Nutella :

with a spoon.
between two slices of white bread.
spread onto a crusty baguette.
in a crepe.
in a crostata.
in brioche/cornetti/croissant.
in a donut.
on top of gelato.
dip a banana into it.
spread onto cookies or wafers.
between two pizzelles.
in an ice cream cone.
on sweet ravioli.
in a hamburger or hotdog bun.
on a bagel.
on a muffin.
on top of a waffle.
in a pita.
on poundcake.
twisted in challah.
on strawberries.
on sliced pear.
stuffed in a cored apple.
spread on celery sticks.
stuffed in French toast.
swirled into brownies.
swirled into or topped onto cheesecake.
dosed into your morning coffee.
frozen into an icy granita.
mixed with rice krispies.
topped on a cupcake.
injected into a cupcake.
between layers of a cake.
as frosting for a cake.
as a twist on tiramisu.
mixed with your favorite cream alcohol.
mixed into a chocolaty martini.
between layers of trifle.
mixed in your favorite pudding.
melted into hot chocolate.
in creme brulee forms.
in filled profiteroles.
in tuiles.
in babka.
in tiny filo cups.
on a sweet pizza.
sandwiched between layers of pandoro or panettone.
with peanut butter in a poor man’s peanut butter cup.
in a N&J – Nutella & Jelly sandwich.
with marshmallow fluff in a FlufferNutterNutella

Of course if you have already tried it this is old news but if you haven't go and get ya some...What are you waiting for...


~Jenn~ said...

Its so funny that you posted this! I had never heard of it until a guy at work brought it in for his lunch just a month or 2 ago. He keeps a jar of Peanut Butter and a jar of nutella in his desk with a package of tortilla shells. His mom was a neat freak when he was growing up so he learned how to eat everything without making a mess. So, he takes a tortilla shell and puts peanut butter on it, then nutella on top of that. ...then he rolls it up and eats it. Very convenient!!

Well, it sounded delicious, so I had to try some myself!! I bought some last time we went grocery shopping and tried as he did, with the tortilla, and it is WONDERFUL!! Of course, my tortilla was the size of a HUGE pizza, so when I rolled it, it was a couple inches in diameter. And, you can't spread the peanut butter or nutella all the way to the edge or else it will ooze out.

It definitely is nice to know I wasn't the only Nutella virgin out there!! I don't know why parents never introduced me into it! ...I wonder if they even know about it.

Amanda said...

LOL...I used to use tortilla toasted on the stove with butter cinnamon and sugar..I will have to give the Nutella a try sounds yummy.