It must be the heat...

Or my kids are just crazy, appparently I am starving them or something????

Last night at dinner we all had our nice size helpings each and fair as I could possibly portion. Cause Lord knows we can't have uneven amounts between the 3 A's it just isn't right...

So when it came time for seconds of course it was time for the battle to begin...They bargained and pleaded with us who should get what and why etc. Afterwards there were a few extra bites of cheese shells remaining in the pot..Scott who can never pass up a challenge between the A's decided to let Andrew and Alexis get to it as fast as they could whoever got to eat the 5 or 6 whole shells left...You would have thought it was GOLD...Without out thinking my wonderful daughter reaches into the pot with her hands and grabs the remaining shells...While Andrew wasted time with grabbing the spoon. Of course he was only halfway there before the shells were in her mouth..

Ok it was totally not dinner table behavior but we absolutely could not help but laughing...Mainly because usually Alexis is the blonde of the family who is slow on her feet but this time she redeemed herself in what was probably the most odd way possible but hey whatever works..I do have hope for my ditzy brunette yet...Go Alexis!!

But it still raises my eyebrow that they appear to be sooo starved...On the other hand maybe my cooking is just that good...:)

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