80's cartoons

Aside from the ever popular cartoons like Disney or the smurfs, carebears etc. I remember the good old cartoons that today are gems in my mind. Here are a few that I can remember watching at my dads saturday morning on the regular no cable boob tube :)

Rainbow Bright has got to be #1 how did it not last longer...

Paw Paws, this was a great one too..I used to have the coloring books and everything where did you go paw paws?

Shirt tails was super cute!! Loved'em

Gummi bears bouncing here and there and everywhere!!! Yep still remember the song.

Popples!!! heck ya I even had a few of the toys...What a cute idea.

I say bring them all back and give these weird cartoons these days a run for their money :P

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dana said...

haha. i watched so many of those too. where are the good old saturday mornings we loved???
tv isn't the same anymore.