The Twenty Firsts, MEME

First Job: Server at Denny's

First Real Job: being a Mom

First Favorite Politician: I am so not political lol..

First Car: Astro van

First Record/CD: TLC

First Sport Played: Softball

First Concert: I have never really been to an official concert :P

First Foreign Country Visited: Haha Mexico

First Favorite TV Show: 90210

First Favorite Actor: David Boreanez

First Favorite Actress: I love Zoey Deschanel, obviously not my first fave but I am drawing a blank.

First Boyfriend: James

First Encounter with a Famous Person: Vince Vaughn at a club

First Brush With Death: Car accident, although I wouldn't say brush with death..

First House/Condo Owned: Not even there yet...Dang Army :P

First Film Seen: no idea...I do remember me and a friend snuck into Sliver when we were really young...OH NO

First Favorite Recording Artist: Mariah Carey

First Favorite Radio Station: 99.1 kggi and 102.7 kiis fm

First Book I Remember Reading: Where the red fern grows

First Meme You Answered on Your Blog: Probably Sunday Stealing :P


Mimi Lenox said...

Where The Red Fern Grows is a favorite for many people. And I love the smooth clean look of your blog.
Happy Sunday Stealing!

kalea_kane said...

Where The Red Fern Grows was awesome. I bawled my eyes out over that one. I read it when I was 15. Great pick. Have a great week!