Summer is here...

The kids are officially out for the summer....Not sure how I feel about this yet lol. There are so many pros and cons to the situation.

1. No more getting up at 6:30, but no more free time alone in the morning before Shay wakes up.

2. No more scrounging for lunch money when I forgot to get cash the night before, But the grocery bill is going to go up because these kids eat all day.

3. No more rushing to get home to make sure I am here when they get here after school. But no more freedom to go to the store with just me and Shay

4. More eyes on Shay to make sure he isn't getting into trouble or hurting himself. But more oppurtunity for messes with them home all day.

5. Freedom to go wherever I want without worrying about abscenses. But not enough money to really go where I want to.

I could go on :P but I'll spare you...I am sure we will have a great time together as a family this summer. I am sure we will squeeze in a lot of bbq's and fishing trips maybe even a camping trip or two. All while hoping we get to sneak away to C.A for atleast a few weeks...We'll see.

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