So Scott went to work getting his paperwork updated/packet ready etc for the promotion board..And guess what???? After being told he was going to the board several times. He magically is not on the list for this month????? NICE!!!

He asked and they had no idea why he wasn't included. He was suppose to be there but now they are trying to say that he may have not been included because he has enough points to be an E5 so it's basically showing up as an automatic promotion butthe problem is they can't promote him til he goes to the board..So now it seems he is stuck in a loop hole..Go FIGURE!!!

They are telling him next month's board will be a sure in. But were not holding our breath...I don't know how but I am praying that this is just one of those blessing in disguise's. He is really losing his faith in this job and that is not good for him or our family...

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