My mom "and gang" has started the journey back home to C.A ...It's so nice to have my house back..Although all I want to do is clean and I can't because I did quite a number on my back and pinched a nerve or a dozen atleast it feels like. So I am pretty much laid up on the couch missing my treadmill time like crazy. I am so wishing my body could handle any type of pain pills...But of course anything semi strong makes me throw up and feel like crud so going to the Dr. is pointless because that's pretty much all they give you when you have issue's like this.

Any who...I can't wait to get back to life I have one week til New York and I pray by that time my back is healed and I am up and running again!!!

I still have to get some recent pics up too I am feeling so behind....I'll get back in the swing of things soon I promise...

Oh and Ipod recovered...HUGE story behind that but basically sister's boyfriend took it hid it in his bathroom bag got caught and blamed it on my brother..Who took the fall since he knows he never gets in trouble cause he is bipolar and my mom has a soft spot for him...I just wanted them out of my house she is the one living with them and supporting their non-working adult selves...I am just glad to have it back...Thank goodness...

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