Sunday's Questions

1. How old do you look? 25, I guess lol

2. Where do you live? Louisiana, who would have thought

3. Are you waiting for something? As a matter of fact I am. My treadmill

4. What’s one pet peeve of yours that is not common? Of course I can't think of one now.

5. Do you want/have kids? I have 4 at the moment :P

6. Have you ever thought about converting your religion? Nope, My God has been good to me.

7. Last shocking news you heard? My sister wants to take me to New York for my birthday.

8. What was the last thing you drank? Milk

9. Who do you most look like in your family? I am told my Grandma

10. If you could have something right now, anything, what would it be? A house "payed off" in huntington beach C.A :)

11. Where does most of your family live? California

12. Where did you grow up? Southern C.A

13. Where do you want to go on vacation? Anywhere that is actually considered a vacation would be nice.

14. Have you ever had a panic attack? Once, hope that never happens again

15. What can’t you wait for? I can't wait to move.

16. When’s the last time you told someone you loved him or her and meant it? This morning...:)

17. Have your parents ever smoked pot? My dad did once in Vietnam.

18. Want someone back in your life? My Grandma would be nice she passed when I was 10

19. What do you order at the bar? Black Velvet

20. When was the last time you cried really, really hard? November when Scott was heading back to Iraq after leave.

21. Ever licked someone’s cheek? As a matter of fact YES...

22. What is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter? banana

23. Where were you on July 4th, 2008? Great question!! Huntington Beach ...Perfect

24. What are your nicknames? Manders

25. If you could go back in time, how far back would you go? I wouldn't go back because I love where I am right now but
that's so Cliche so I'll say highschool :P


GoingLikeSixty.com said...

Hi, here via Sunday Stealing. Black Velvet with whiskey? Awesome. I haven't had Black Velvet in ages. (or did you Black Velvet cocktail using Guinness/champagne?) Yeah, that's probably what you meant, the girly drink.

Hootin' Anni said...

Wish MY sister would take me to New York for MY birthday. Color me green with envy.

My stolen meme is posted, won't you stop by and keep me a bit of company sometime today?

Happy Sunday.

GoingLikeSixty.com said...

correction: Black Velvet whiskey?

NurseExec said...

Love your blog template, great answers!