Have you noticed?

I don't know if it is a southern thing or what. But I have noticed that cashiers have become the new "hairdresser" and by that I mean..Super nosey lol..

I have always been nice and obliged to their questions but more and more they seem to increase their questions. It is getting old quick.

Today I did my Easter shopping at Wal-Mart, keep in mind I have 4 kids so yes that equals to a nice pile of stuff. The lady immediately tells me I can take these bags to her car, where she is parked etc. OK what do I say to that??? Then she asks is it all for my kids or ???? Yes mine there are 4. Four?? wow. They are going to be bouncing off the walls for weeks..OK I got alot but not that much geez. And then she says are you going to be testing out new wall colors? HUH? I looked and she was referring to the egg coloring kits..OK!!! So yeah, I am so over the nosey cashiers it's not even funny.

I guess when asked what my pet peeves are this I need to remember this :P

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Weird! LOL Mine never talk to me!