Happy St. Patricks Day

The last day of my twenties...If I was in Huntington Beach I would most definetly be down at Kilarney's with my sister drinking a few Black Velvets..Yum...But it's just me and the family and considering it wasn't complete last year. You won't find me complaining one bit. :)

Andrew and Alexis had tryouts today for baseball/softball. I honestly never thought I would enjoy watching my kids play sports. Not because I am not proud but I just assumed I would be jealous or antsy to play myself. But you know what. I totally enjoy it and I am excited to get the season on a roll. I am also so surprised at the natural talent these kiddos have.

I noticed the softball girls have no pitcher..HEHEHEE. I think maybe that will be something me and Alexis can bond over...:P

It's been a good day!!

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