Do as they do

So since we are an Army family and we will more then likely be in several more states before Scott gets out. We have really tried to make an effort to enjoy and experience our temporary state of residence. Now that we are in LA of course Mardi Gras is a main event and you can't go a day without hearing something about a King Cake. So of course that was on my to-do list and I can now check that off. With probably an extra cavity or two lol.

I have seen commercials for a really nice bakery in the nearest city to us Alexandria. So on our last visit there we drove by it unexpectedly and of course had to do one of those "oh hey there it is" a little slam on the brakes sharp turn. And there we were. Yummmm they had some awesome stuff in there but we were going for one thing. And thankfully they had some.

We ended up getting the strawberry and cream cheese. It was good really really sweet and tons of sugar on top. The kids loved it. I ate it more for the novelty aspect but it was good and fresh so I won't complain. And I couldn't pass up getting a few pictures of course so this was a late night snacking with Daddy and Shay after we already devoured half of it. :P

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