Almost 2

And boy does it show...Shay has been such a huge handful these past few weeks..I honestly for the life of me have no idea how I ever made it through these years with the A's.

He is definitely going to be my daredevil child no doubt. My days have been filled with constant cleaning up/chasing after or saving Shay from hurting himself amongst all my other Mommy/Wife duty's.

Let's see yesterday.....Wrote on the wall with markers. Grabbed the exacto knife off the desk. AGHHH. Chased me while I kept moving the bowl of pins back and forth until he finally grabbed them and knocked them all over the place. Then proceeded to try and pick them up before I got back with the magnet..Doh'. Played in the back while I was doing Tae Bo and of course bathed in the dirt lol and spilled the dogs water bowl twice, in the kitchen... I am sure there is more but my brain is slowly erasing those memories to get me ready for another round of Shay today :P

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